Writing the next novel – an author’s take on the process…

I’m embarking on writing the second novel in a trilogy.  The first, Mis’ka: Rite of Ascension, was published in June 2010.  Although the story stands alone — meaning that the story is complete — it had subplots (or story threads) that began in this first book and are designed to be picked up in the following two novels.

I’m hoping to take you along for the ride.  As I progress, I’m going to tell you about the writing process I follow.  It may not be how you’d do it, or how you’ve heard others do it but, hey, that’s what makes us all individuals – our ability to do things differently and still get to the same end.  Which in this case is a new novel.

A story is a promise.

When you write or even tell someone a story you are making a promise to them.  From the very first word to the last full stop you are taking your audience on a journey — whether that is someone who is reading your novel or a workmate listening to how you missed the train.  And with that journey comes the expectation — or the promise — that you care enough and respect your audience enough to take them on the best rip-roaring ride that you possibly can.

Great stories are like roller coasters - they take you on a ride to remember! Photo: iStockphoto.com/mjbs

For a story to be compelling — that is, make someone want to read it and keep reading to the last page — there are a few things that need to be nutted out first.  This includes all the elements that make a story:

  • What?
  • Who?
  • Why?
  • How?
  • Where?
  • When?

But I’ll talk about these next time – for now I’m off to walk my dogs…

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author of young adult science fiction/fantasy
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