A tale of technology and book trailers…

I still don’t have my computer fixed — but it is in hand!  My brother has taken the offending (or should that be recalcitrant?) thing back to his place to fix and cajole back to life.  A little mouth to mouth technical stuff.

In the meantime, I have discovered that my laptop has Window’s Movie Maker loaded on to it.  Oh the joy!  And with a couple of days available to me I have made a ‘trailer’ for my book.  And uploaded it onto YouTube!  Phew!  Who knew I had the technology?  And the knowhow?

Why a book trailer?

Recently, I was at a book signing for George Ivanoff and he had a book trailer playing on his laptop — it attracted people as they passed by.  He mentioned that a book trailer is ‘all the go’ these days.  I immediately decided to get me one of those!  Then did absolutely nothing about it — scary thought, getting a book trailer.  And how was I supposed to do it on a limited budget?  And with no idea how to do it myself?

Here’s what happened next…

This week I had a little time on my hands and with the option of spending it playing spider solitaire or doing something constructive I opted for…  okay, one or two games.  But I soon found myself looking for something else to do — I could write some stuff or get something happening to promote Mis’ka: Rite of Ascension.  I decided on the latter.

So, I Googled and found a great article about writing a book trailer.

Then I set about getting some ideas by viewing a few young adult book trailers online.

Then I wrote a ‘one-liner’ that best described my book — a very long hook if you like, that would get someone interested in reading the story.  After I was satisfied I broke it down into bite-sized pieces and started searching for images to marry up with the words.  I had to use a lot of symbolic images as it is difficult to get the exact pictures that I wanted (I used ‘free’ photos that are available to use as long as the photographers are given credit).  Then I searched iStock for some suitable music — which you pay for but which is then royalty free.

The fun part was putting it together – I learnt as I went.  And I’m sure that if I was a ‘professional’ doing this sort of stuff I would have done it differently.  In fact, even now I keep coming up with ideas… but you’ve got to stop sometime!

Here’s the result…

I know I was going to talk about the premise of your story but I’ll do that next time…

Here are some links to help you with a book trailer:

George Ivanoff

How to make a book trailer

iStock – for music and photos

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2 Responses to A tale of technology and book trailers…

  1. You’re right. Book trailers are really worth the effort. I had the chance to have a movie director to make the book trailer for my horror novel Drowned Sorrow. If you’re interested, you may watch the result here: Book Trailer Drowned Sorrow

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