National Novel Writing Month…

It is the month of November and I have been attempting to do NaNoWriMo – the amazing event where a writer taps away at the computer non-stop for the entire month of November and writes at least 50,000 words of a novel.

So how am I doing?


I ask myself why but can come up with no other reason than that I have other commitments – like making a living (yes, it is as a writer but not as a novelist although I do have one of those published and another one on the way.)  I had hoped to complete the first draft of my second novel but… alas…

Still, there is still more of November to go!  So I must away… (tap, tap, tap…)


NaNoWriMo - what was I thinking?

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8 Responses to National Novel Writing Month…

  1. Stuart Aken says:

    Making a living as a writer is rare and difficult enough, wish I could do it. Like you, I’ve been published as novelist, but the sales of the average novel number 2,000 and no one can live on that sort of money. So, keep writing, for the love of it. It’s the only reward most writers get out of it.

  2. Stuart Aken says:

    Oh, indeed, hope springs eternal and all that. Always the optimist. This morning, after a period of 3 months with no serious fiction writing due to other commitments, I sat here and turned out 800 words of a new, unplanned story, just to make sure I can still do it. It seems, I can. I love creating, don’t you?

  3. I try to write 5 days a week, have nearly 30 published novels–but am a long way for making a living from it. Sometimes I think there are more writers than readers. Most of my mysteries are on the Kindle now which has helped.


    • mamiller says:

      I am in awe of your prolific output. I actually work as a copywriter but would much rather be making a living as a ‘creative’ writer. How do you fit in the time to write so much?

  4. Tanja says:

    Good luck, I hope you make your 50,000 words!

    • mamiller says:

      I don’t have a hope of reaching my target of 50k! But it has been a learning experience and I am happy that I wanted to do it – next year, if I decide to have another go, I shall try… harder, perhaps? Or maybe, I shall take the month off and simply concentrate on writing those 50,000 words!

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