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What does a writer do when their computer crashes?

My computer has done the nasty and crashed.  As happens with these things, I was happily typing away when… nothing.  The screen had frozen.  In itself, that’s no big deal.  After all, computers are notorious for hissy-fits.  Unfortunately the timing … Continue reading

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The elements of story telling — here’s why you need them all:

As I mentioned in my last post a compelling story must contain the basic elements of story telling.  But what exactly is a story? In its simplest form a story is a sentence containing: subject / verb / object cow … Continue reading

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Writing the next novel – an author’s take on the process…

I’m embarking on writing the second novel in a trilogy.  The first, Mis’ka: Rite of Ascension, was published in June 2010.  Although the story stands alone — meaning that the story is complete — it had subplots (or story threads) … Continue reading

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